Summers in Colorado include hitting the many amusement parks that we have. Roller coasters can be a big part of the experience; Colorado could be losing one.

Do you remember the first time you rode a roller coaster? The fear, the adrenaline, the excitement to do it all over again, when it finished. One Colorado roller coaster may be done thrilling visitors.

After over 100 years, it'll be sad to not have it around.

Lakeside Roller Coaster in Colorado May Not Run Again

It's almost crazy, to me, to find out from The Denver Post, that Lakeside's Cyclone roller coaster hasn't been running for two years. Regulators had the coaster shut down after a woman was injured on it.

Many would say that "getting injured on the Cyclone is just a part of the Lakeside fun," but regulators don't see it that way. Now, the park is trying to figure out exactly what to about the 84-year-old ride.

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The owners of Lakeside do want to make the coaster safer, but do not want it to lose its "charm," by doing so. It would be like going to a haunted house and not having people jumping out at you, right?

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Imagine how many thousands of adrenaline-hungry riders have been up and down on the Cyclone over eight decades; now, that "madness" may be over. I've personally never had the courage to take on the Cyclone, now I feel regret.

Not having the Cyclone at Lakeside would be like not having Mickey Mouse at Disney World; the two go hand-in-hand. Hopefully, they'll figure this out and the "scary" fun can return.

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