When hot dog water comes across our lives we usually dump it in the sink. At least we hope so. Hot dog water does not smell or taste good.

I have actually drank hot dog water based on a dare. I will be honest, out of curiosity once as well.

Hot dog water tastes exactly how it smells. I would not recommend it. If hot dog water is so widely hated, why would a popular chain sell it in a seltzer form? It is true, you will be able to buy hot dog water soon in Colorado.

Colorado 7-Eleven's Bold Choice

7-Eleven announced that they will be selling Big Bite® Hot Dog Sparkling Water at all of their locations.

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7-Eleven collaborated with Miracle Seltzer to invent new flavors. Green Apple, Sweet Orange and Lemon Lime sound fine, but Big Bite Hot Dog?

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It is a very hilarious concept. Here is what 7-Eleven said.

The Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water combines the delicious and mouthwatering experience of 7-Eleven’s iconic Big Bite Hot Dog into one refreshing beverage – ketchup and mustard included.

Is This An April Fool's Day Joke?

Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

While reading the statement, it appears that this is likely an April Fools Day joke. 7-Eleven claims that they will unveil the full details on April 1.


I would guess that this is going to be a joke. With all the costs of labor, packaging, collecting hot water, and carbonation it would simply be way too much work for little reward.

It is extremely funny, though.

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