Being physically fit must be a priority for many Coloradans, according to a new survey. Do you have a six-pack of abs? If you do, congratulations.

The only six-pack I have is in my refrigerator, and the six-pack isn't even beer. It's donuts.

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Colorado happens to be the most fit state across the entire nation. Our state has the least obesity and overweight prevalence. We are also one of the nation's leaders in taking diet and exercise seriously.

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Colorado's Most Fit County Revealed


While doing research for our least fit communities in Colorado, we discovered where the most healthy communities are as well.

It turns out that Boulder County has the lowest obesity rate across the entire state. Not only that, but Boulder has one of the lowest obesity rates across the entire country at 18%.

Compared to the national average, of 34%, it is obvious that Boulder County is one of the fittest states in the country.

Colorado Counties Are National Leaders


Yahoo took a look at the counties with the lowest obesity rates and here are the Colorado counties that made the top 10.

  • #7 - Summit County
  • #6 - Pitkin County
  • #4 - Gunnison County
  • #3 - Boulder County

Colorado's Health Explained


Experts believe that sunshine and outdoor activities are the main reasons why Coloradans are healthy.

That makes perfect sense.

Since Colorado is so remarkably beautiful it is hard to stay indoors all day. With the large abundance of parks and outdoor activities, we want to explore more since have around 300 days of sunshine every year.

Colorado's Most Obese Counties

Although Colorado is the most fit state in the nation, here are the counties that struggle with obesity.

Gallery Credit: Tanner Chambers

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