I've watched a few zombie type movies over the years. I love Zombieland with Woody Harelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone. They all did great acting in that movie. I didn't like the second one as well.

Colorado has many places we could hide during a so-called zombie apocalypse if you believe in that sort of thing. So many mountain areas on the Western slope are tucked away from a person's view.

Where would one hide during a Zombie Apocalypse?

I say Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. So many hidden spaces at the bottom near the water running through it.

Have you been to the Four Corners region?

The southwestern section of Colorado's Western Slope. One of the coolest prehistoric sites in America. You could hide out there and be lost for days.

Hope about Dinasour Colorado?

It's at the northwest corner of Colorado's Western Slope. Called Colorado's Dinasour Country.

There are a few others I came up with. So many are covered with rows and rows of trees. I'm sure I missed a few that you can come up with also. I'll probably have nightmares tonight about zombies.

10 Places To Hide In Western Colorado During A Zombie Apocalypse

Places To Hide In Colorado During A Zombie Apocalypse