Colorado is home to many types of men. From the rough Cowboys and Ranchers to Doctors and your everyday blue-collar fathers. This community is full of many outstanding fathers and a few knuckleheads. Many faces have spent many afternoons in the heat and dust. While others possess perfectly manicured hands.
But there is ONE CHARACTERISTIC we all have noticed about our Colorado Dads, aka professionals. They tend to use the same lines and bad jokes. I thought my dad was the only goofy father out there. That was until We asked folks around Montrose to give us their dad's favorite quote. Quite interesting how many of us have heard these phrases repeatedly.

Cary M

After putting 6000 tires down over the tarp covering the hay, he always finishes with a hardy, "That's Not Going Anywhere."

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"That's not going anywhere"

Jasper B.

Says, " when my day drives by a bunch of cows he always Moos ..."

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Laura S .

Dad would leave the house by grabbing his keys and say, "Get go anywhere with these." or "Let's Rock and Roll."

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"Lets Rock and Roll"

Aryl R.

My dad made me very insecure about going to the bathroom, because every time I went long. He would always out me by saying in front of others, "Did you fall in?"

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"Did you fall in?

Meagan S.

My dad thought he was the funniest guy in town. He would always try so hard too. But all that came out were bad jokes like ,"Guess it's Free". When a cashier was having trouble scanning an item. Or the ever popular, "What's the damage" before looking at our dinner bill. Even time my friend Kate would come over, he would always, always say, "They'll let anyone in here." Kate swears she's going to make a drinking game out of it.

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"I guess it's free then"

Michael M.

The only phrase I ever hear was my dad scream was, "IN OR OUT AND CLOSE THE DOOR. YOU'RE LETTING THE HEAT OUT."



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"you're Letting all the heat out"

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