There's a new guy in Grand Junction, Colorado, and he's roughly eight feet tall and weighs in at a ton. Have you met bRICK?

This gentleman has set up shop on 7th Street between Main and Rood.

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New Guy in Grand Junction, Colorado

You'll find bRICK hanging out in front of Mountain Air Roasters and The Blue Moon on the east side of 7th Street. He doesn't have a sign, and he's not asking for money. As a matter of fact, "Everything is awesome."

Grand Junction's bRICK 7th street
Waylon Jordan

The Grand Junction, Colorado Community

According to a post on Mountain Air Roaster's Facebook page, "This project took a community!" Put simply, a number of artists and businesses stepped up to the plate for this project.

A tremendous amount of work went into this project. You're looking at 2,000 pounds of steel. The figure stands an impressive eight feet.

rand Junction's bRICK close up
Waylon Jordan

Meet The Artists

The subject, bRICK, was made by local artist Brandon Sloan. The paint job comes courtesy of Pro Powder Coating. The decals and masks were created by Your Sign Company.

Grand Junction's bRICK making
eBricks Outlet via Facebook

What Does The Info Say?

If you look just below bRICK's belt and to the left, you'll see a decal with information printed on it. Here's a closer look.

Grand Junction's bRICK information
Waylon Jordan

A Fun Addition To Downtown Grand Junction

Personally, I really enjoy this particular artwork. I believe it will become a highly recognizable feature for downtown. It's safe to say countless thousands of visitors will have their picture taken, posing next to bRICK.

Grand Junction's bRICK 7th street map
Google Maps / Waylon Jordan / Canva

At the time of these photos, roughly 7:30 this morning, Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 7th Street in Grand Junction was fairly busy. What a welcome addition to a morning commute. If you're heading down 7th Street taking the kids to school, it will certainly brighten everyone's morning to see bRICK.

Downtown Grand Junction Businesses of Yesterday

If you stop and think about it, several of the business pictured above are still up and running. Most of these photos were taken in the 1950s. Almost 70 years later, many are still going strong. Sure, some have moved to new locations, but others, Quincy's for example, are right where they've always been.

Guy Fiere in Downtown Grand Junction September 9 2021

Guy Fieri hanging out on 5th Street in Grand Junction, paying a visit to Taco Party.

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