Ever roll up to a stop sign and discover you are driving down a Grand Junction street with a unique name? Perhaps you found yourself on Delicious Road, or maybe Partee Drive?

Some of our listeners had some great streets to share. A few of these we had never heard of, and there are some that got multiple mentions yet we can exactly locate them. See what you think, and include your choice for the most unique street in Grand Junction by chatting on our station app.

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Do You Notice Grand Junction Street Names?

Do you even notice street names as you drive around town? You probably notice street names if you are looking for an address like if you had to pick someone up, but if you are just passing through a town they might just be a blur. You should take notice once in a while because you might laugh out loud and need to take a picture.

Grand Junction's Oldest Streets

Going back to 1881-1882, North Avenue represented the northern border of the town. East of 12th street, North Avenue used to be lined with apple trees all the way to Fruitvale.

Funny Grand Junction Street Names You Noticed

You brought up Delicious Drive, F Road, Funny Little Street, Kickapoo Court, and Big Bird Street to get us started. Below scroll through the other unique and funny street names people have noticed in Grand Junction.

Grand Junction Colorado Streets with the Most Unique Names

Ever roll up to a stop sign and discover you are driving down a Grand Junction street with a unique name? Perhaps you found yourself on Delicious Road, or maybe Partee Drive? Scroll on to see some of the notable street names you told us about in Grand Junction.

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