That was fairly decent snow we had last week in Grand Junction, Colorado. The National Weather Service says we can expect more on Wednesday night, December 21, 2022.

When we get our next snowfall, what do Grand Junction, Colorado's city ordinances say about the clearing of snow from public sidewalks?

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Grand Junction Colorado's Unpredictable Weather

If you've been here long, you know all too well that snowfall in Grand Junction could unfold in a number of different ways. How often has it happened that you have fresh snowfall on your sidewalk, then you turn your back for about a minute and a half, and when you turn back around the snow has already melted? Other times it will snow, Grand Junction will experience an inversion, and that same snow will still be on the ground a month later.

What Action Does The City Take?

According to

When Grand Junction does experience a snow event, crews are sent out to spread salt onto the roadways. However, when temperatures drop below 20 degrees, the effectiveness of our melting agents decreases significantly."

What Happens When The Temp Gets Below 20 Degrees?

When the temperature drops below 20 degrees, plows are deployed to remove as much snow from the roads as possible.

Where Do They Plow First?

The City of Grand Junction's first priority when it comes to plowing involves the major arterials, school, and hospital routes. They add that residential streets are not plowed. Directly below you'll see a map of the City of Grand Junction's snow route priorities. The red lines represent first priority, blue is second, and green is last.

Grand Junction Colorado Snow Route Priorities map

What About Our Neighborhood Sidewalks?

This is where Grand Junction Municipal Code Section 12.16.090 comes into play. This ordinance requires that public sidewalks, those in front of your house or business that runs adjacent to the street, must be cleared of snow, ice, and debris within 24 hours of every snowfall.

What Not To Do

Grand Junction's official webpage states snow should not be shoveled into the street where it could potentially block water drainage. They recommend placing the snow in yards " the grass and plants can enjoy the moisture."

What If You Don't Comply With Grand Junction Municipal Code Section 12.16.090?

A call was placed to the Grand Junction Police Department Code Enforcement Office on Monday, December 19, 2022. According to the clerk, when a report comes in regarding a sidewalk that has not been cleared, authorities will first contact the resident to discuss the issue. If that does not resolve the issue, they will then process a Notice of Violation. In the event the matter continues to go unresolved, citations can run up to $150.

One Last Thing To Consider

It's possible a resident is physically unable to clear the sidewalk themselves. The City of Grand Junction website suggests:

Be Neighborly - Be aware of your neighbors who are unable to get out and clear the walk and extend a neighborly hand in helping them meet this code requirement.

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