Four Big Lots stores in Colorado are closing this month, leaving Grand Junction shoppers to wonder about the fate of their local store on North Avenue.

Grand Junction Has Seen Its Share of Closures On North Avenue

Any time big-name retail stores announce closures, local communities hold their breath in hopes their hometown store is not going anywhere. Grand Junction has seen its share of closures over the years on North Avenue including Hastings and Kmart, plus Hobby Lobby's move out to Rimrock Marketplace on Highway 6 & 50. On the flip side, we have seen the arrival of new businesses like Big 5 Sporting Goods, U-Haul, Planet Fitness, and Shamrock Food Service Warehouse.

Big Lots Closing Multiple Stores

Big Lots is the most recent chain to announce store closures across the country. reports that Big Lots is continuing to open new stores, but said the number of closings at the end of 2022 was higher than store openings. The report did not indicate exactly how many stores were closing.

Which Colorado Big Lots Stores Are Closing?

MileHighOnthe Cheap reports that four Big Lots stores in Colorado are closing down this month and are having closing sales at all four locations. The Big Lots stores in Colorado  that are shutting their doors are:

Denver - 7475 E. Iliff Avenue
Englewood - 139 W. Hampden Avenue
Arvada - 8125 Sheridan Blvd.
Fort Collins - 126 W. Troutman Pkwy.

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Big Lots in Grand Junction Will Not Be Closing

Of course, nobody can predict the future, but for now,  the good news is that Grand Junction's Big Lots shoppers have nothing to worry about. It's not on the list of store closings at this time which means local shoppers will be able to continue to enjoy those discount prices in Grand Junction.

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