Colorado State University's campus is diverse and inclusive, allowing students and faculty members to be themselves fully, without the fear of judgment or shame. CSU provides an environment that feels safe and comfortable, where people can express themselves in various ways.

One of the many ways that CSU stands out for expressive freedom offered to its students, is by letting them go barefoot to class. That's right – at the end of 2022, CSU posted signs explaining that it's now considered a barefoot-friendly campus.

According to CSU's official rules and regulations, most university property does not have a dress code policy regarding footwear. This means that footwear is not required in many of the buildings around campus. Yellow signs with green footprints are posted by the entryways of buildings where shoes are optional. At the bottom of the signs appears a warning that reads: "Dress codes may vary. Barefooters venture at their own risk."

Due to sanitary and safety reasons, footwear is mandated in food service areas across campus, as well as inside the recreation center.

People may opt to go barefoot because of medical reasons, religious practices, mental health, or just due to personal preference. Walking barefoot has been shown to help increase antioxidants, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep. Additionally, the practice of walking without shoes can be a very grounding experience.

Being barefoot in public may not be for everyone, but at this Fort Collins campus, it's no shoes, no problem!

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