Coloradans are lucky to be able to coexist with so many unique kinds of wildlife. It's common for residents in places like Loveland and Estes Park to come across herds of elk, and even in Fort Collins, animals like bears and moose occasionally wander into town.

Seeing a moose in the wild is one of the coolest things to experience. Their impressive size and unique shape set them apart from other animals in the Centennial State. Although the moose population is currently thriving in Colorado, they aren't something we see on an everyday basis, like deer or elk.

A Fort Collins resident recently took to Reddit, to ask where people in the area have had successful moose sightings.

Best Places to See a Moose Near Fort Collins

According to Reddit users, these are some of the best places to witness a moose near Fort Collins.

While it's not a guarantee to see a moose at any of these places, there's a pretty good chance. If you do encounter one of these giant creatures, be sure to keep a safe distance. Moose can be very aggressive, especially if they feel threatened. It's better to view them from afar and let them be at peace in their natural habitat.

Uncommon Animals of Colorado

It's pretty rare to see these types of wildlife in Colorado.

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