In this day and age, technology continuously advances and, more times than others makes our lives easier. That is certainly the case with a Colorado company's invention - the long-awaited self-driving lawnmower.

Colorado Company Invents Self-Driving Lawnmower

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The company that created this futuristic self-driving mower is known as Scythe Robotics and is based in Longmont, Colorado.

The mower, simply known as The Scythe, is truly something to be seen.

First of all, it's completely electric, making it not only one of the most eco-friendly lawnmowers around but also the quietest. As mentioned above, the mower is self-driving, and even picks up on objects and obstacles as it goes, notifying you on your phone when it does.

If you're wondering how the mower knows where to go, it's a pretty ingenious and rather simple concept. Basically, you'll ride on the mower for an initial trip around a property, then save it, and from then on the mower will know where to go.

While the mower is built by a Colorado company, it isn't available to purchase on a wide scale just yet, but that may be changing soon.

Colorado's Scythe Mower May Be Available Nationwide Soon

It has been reported that the company, Scythe Robotics, has just raised a substantial amount of capital from investors in an effort to expand the production and availability of their largest project.

The capital raised will be put forward to build 7,500 of these self-driving mowers primarily for landscaping companies which will hopefully blossom into mass production by 2024.

Colorado’s Self-Driving Lawnmower will Blow Your Mind

A Colorado company has built a self-driving lawnmower that may become available to landscapers across the country soon.

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