Which is worse? The traffic on roads like Patterson or North Avenue, or the way people drive in the parking lots at places like Peach Tree Center?

We asked you to tell us about the parking lots in and around Grand Junction that you can't stand. Maybe it's too crowded. Perhaps people drive like maniacs. Maybe it's the people on foot who are sometimes clueless?

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Parking Lot Party in Grand Junction

Some of the worst parking lots in Grand Junction seem to be designed to create issues. For example, the big box store that wants to sell you groceries and also wants to be a gas station. Inevitably, someone comes along and builds something else in the parking lot. Now we have a high-desert triangle of chaos and people are expected to park in the middle of it.

Parking Lots We Love to Hate in Grand Junction

Nobody in Western Colorado likes the parking arrangement at the City Market in Clifton. It gets some of the most mentions every time we put the question out. Scroll on to see who else got mentioned over and over.

See the 10 Worst Parking Lots in Grand Junction According to You

You told us about shopping center parking lots and even a local elementary school with crazy momma drivers. You know we are going to get around to the Mesa Mall, Suplizio Field, and lots more. Jump in and share the parking lot that gives you fits in Grand Junction below.

Circles of Hell: The 10 Worst Parking Lots in Grand Junction, Colorado

We asked you to tell us about Grand Junction's worst parking lots. Busy, crowded, poorly designed parking lots. Is there a parking lot at a shopping center in town that causes you to be on your guard behind the wheel? Is it all of them? Let's take a look at the ones that got the most mentions.

KEEP GOING: Steer Clear of the Worst Intersections in Grand Junction

Every community in America has its share of bad intersections and Grand Junction is no exception.

Based on our own experiences as well as input from listeners, we have compiled a list of the worst intersections in Grand Junction. Is your favorite "worst" intersection on the list?

MORE: What Traffic Violations Do You See the Most in Grand Junction, Colorado?

Which traffic violations do you think you witness the most often in Grand Junction, Colorado? We thought the #1 answer would be rolling through stop signs but it turns out your answers tell us that turn signals may be the biggest complaint of them all. Scroll on to see the answers:

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