Heading out to trick-or-treat on Halloween night. As a kid, what could be more fun? A night of friends, costumes, and candy. Well, usually. Believe it or not, there are plenty of neighborhoods in America that don't even have a trick-or-treat night anymore. It's all trunk-or-treats or zippo.

If you are expecting Colorado trick-or-treaters on Halloween it's probably time to stock up on candy at the grocery store before all the good stuff is gone.

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Running Out of Candy on Halloween

You used to have to commit to Halloween night You needed an ample supply of candy to last through the trick-or-treat hours, or you made sure to not be home. The worst outcome was running out of candy.

The Weirdest Thing I Got on Halloween

A packet of soup mix. Yup. My friend got stuffing mix. Clearly, that home was out of candy, and the owners were scrambling. We got pencils, loose change, old fruit, after-dinner mints, and countless other useless things over the years. STAMPS. Once, I got two stamps. The two things I hated getting the most on Halloween are still the little bags of Whoppers or those mini boxes of raisins.

The Weirdest Things You Got on Halloween in Grand Junction

Anyone who loves to trick-or-treat will enjoy a laugh at some of the random things that appear on the list below. In the photo gallery below, Tarah told us someone gave her a bottle of coke that had expired 11 years earlier. Someone gave Larry coupons, Margret got a half-eaten candy bar, and someone had the nerve to give Angelica's daughter a brussels sprout on Halloween. Scroll on to see even more terrors.

Strange Things We Got While Trick-Or-Treating on Halloween

Trick-or-treat! Halloween is almost here. Can you remember back to your days as a trick-or-treat pro, and tell us what one of the weirdest things you ever got? Did they run out of candy, or was the plan to hand out random coupons the entire time? Behold the strange things that people hand out on Halloween.

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Need inspiration for your trick or treat ensemble? Here are some fun ideas from recent TV hits that will make you a stand out at a Halloween party.

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It's time to see if you can outsmart the farmers this fall by solving Colorado's popular corn mazes before the great pumpkin arrives on Halloween Night. Check out some family farms around the state offering a fun fall family experience in Colorado.

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