Colorado is known for many things: mountains, South Park, marijuana, and more recently for being practically immortal. One thing that I can personally say that I would have never thought of while trying to find Colorado things and themes distinctly would have been Colorado's favorite drink.

Honestly, I've lived in quite a few states in my life, and the thought, "What's [insert state]'s signature drink?" has literally never crossed my mind. The closest thing to a signature drink that I've ever personally experienced would probably be ordering a lot of Mojitos when I lived in Florida, but that's about it. Believe it or not, though, states have drinks that they're known for, and Colorado does, too.

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I don't drink alcohol very often, so I had never heard of a Colorado bulldog until about two minutes ago. It hasn't been that long, is the point. Despite having only heard of this beverage today, it is indeed the signature drink of Colorado, and I must have one.

Basically, it's a White Russian with a splash of cola. Seeing as how the White Russian is one of my preferred "fun" drinks for a night out, it boggles my mind that I've never tried one of these. If you have, you'll have to let me know what you thought of it on AppChat.

Since we're talking about signature drinks, we might as well look around the country to see what they're getting up to. I know Rhode Island drinks something called "Coffee Milk." To be honest, even though I drink copious amounts of milk in my coffee, coffee milk just sounds gross. Maybe it's just me?

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