If you enjoy DIY then you will love this, Colorado is one of the few states in the U.S. where you can officiate your own marriage.

It's true! According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, couples can solemnize their own marriage, thus marrying themselves even without being ordained.

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What is Self Solemnization in Colorado?

Self solemnization is the act of performing your own marriage ceremony without an ordained officiant or clergy member present to sign your marriage certificate.

That means you and your significant other will sign the space for the officiant yourselves.

Are Self Solemnized Marriages in Colorado Legally Recognized?

While there are a few other states that allow self solemnization, not all of them guarantee that the marriage will be recognized outside the state or even legally within the state.

That isn't the case in Colorado.

Self-solemnized marriages in Colorado are legally recognized within the state and federally.

How to Self Solemnize Your Colorado Wedding

If you would like to marry yourself in Colorado there are just a few steps that you'll need to take before saying, "I do."

  1. Make an appointment or stop into your local county clerk and recorder’s office.
  2. Apply for a marriage license (both you and your partner must appear in person.)
  3. Sign the marriage certificate within 35 days from the date the license was issued.
  4. Return the completed marriage certificate to the Clerk and Recorder for recording within 63 days after solemnization.

Are Witnesses Needed for Self-Solemnized Weddings in Colorado?

Nope! In fact, Colorado does not require witnesses for any legal wedding within the state.

You can even ink your fur babies' paw print onto the witness space of the marriage certificate if you like. The marriage and certificate will still be perfectly legal.

Reasons to Self Solemnize Your Marriage in Colorado

One of the best reasons to self-solemnize your marriage in Colorado is because it is so easy! Plus you'll save yourself time and money due to the fact that you won't have to find an officiant who can be on location at the time and date you need.

Another benefit of self-solemnizing your wedding is the privacy and intimacy you can achieve. If you're looking to experience this special moment in an intimate setting, self-solemnizing is the answer.

Marry your special someone, whenever, wherever by self-solemnizing.

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