Though we all hear the statistics about how roundabouts increase traffic flow and reduce accidents, it seems we cannot agree on how to use them. Especially when it comes to exiting them.

They're better that 4-way stops, that for certain. How much time have we all wasted waiting to see "who's going to go first?" Oh, brother. With roundabouts, we just keep moving (when people do it right, anyway.) The question comes up regarding having to use turn signals with them.


I can tell you this: I myself, still have troubles now and again using roundabouts in Colorado. I think you might join in with me when I say, that I might have much less issues if I knew when the person who's already in the roundabout (and coming around) was planning on exiting. Are they going to take the 1st, 2nd or 3rd exit?

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It comes up when trying to enter the roundabout, too. I see a car coming around the corner - if they had their left turn signal on, I'd know that they are not exiting until they go passed me, so I'll wait to enter. Often times, I nudge out only to find that the person I thought was exiting before my entry was in fact, coming through. Brakes. Brakes. Brakes.



In Colorado, according to CDOT, you won't get a traffic ticket for not using a turn signal with roundabout, it's only a recommendation for safety. There's not law on the books that says it's mandatory, however, If we all were to try and implement using signals it might save us all a lot of grief.

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