Grand Junction and western Colorado are one of the best places to live in Colorado if you love the outdoors. We have tons of fun stuff to do here if you like to hike, fish, camp, or mountain bike.

Sadly, not everyone likes these activities or is able to do them. This means we need additional activities to keep our community growing. What entertainment options would you like to see brought to town?

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Which Entertainment Options are Missing in Grand Junction?

While a plan is in the works over at Los Colonias, Grand Junction is still without its own zipline. Fun Junction used to be a pretty great little theme park in Grand Junction but it is now long gone along. While Grand Junction might be the headquarters for self-made entertainment, we shouldn't have to drive two or three hours to find a theme park.

Didn't We Use to Have That in Grand Junction?

We see lots of requests to bring back a Drive-in to Grand Junction even though there are locations in Delta and Montrose. We used to have a Zoo in Grand Junction but no longer. A zoo is also something we are seeing several of you ask for.

Top Wishes So Far for Grand Junction

I love the requests for things like an IMAX theater, a western Colorado aquarium, a giant lazy river, or a giant wave pool. What else would you like to see made available to Grand Junction? Scroll on to see some great suggestions below and to add yours to the list.

What Entertainment Options are Missing in Grand Junction?

We asked you to tell us what entertainment options are missing on the western slope. Ironically, many of the options we are all asking for used to be right here. What kind of activities would you like to see made available around Grand Junction that we don't already have?

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