Sometimes the best advice comes from a stranger and luckily for you we've already polled Coloradans on their take on the best dating timelines.

Colorado loves LOVE and getting married in the Centennial State is a lot easier than in most states, but first, you have to get past the dating stage.

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Colorado Is A Great Place to Find Love

There are some states where love is hard to find, but in Colorado, that isn't an issue. In fact, Denver was listed as the #4 city in America for singles looking to find love by Zillow.

While reeling yourself in a love interest isn't hard, making the relationship work, however, is the real challenge. Once you have a great connection and solid foundation, marriage can even begin to cross your mind.

Ways to Get Married in Colorado

There are numerous ways to get married in Colorado. You can go the traditional route with a ceremony and be wed by someone who is ordained while your friends and family watch. You can even make it super easy and just claim common law marriage.

For those looking for something not so traditional but also more concrete and just as easy as a common law marriage, why not marry yourselves through self-solemnization?

Before those wedding bells start ringing though you'll need to get engaged. Just how long should you date someone before you pop that big question? We asked Coloradans to tell us their own dating timeline and here's how they answered.

Dating to Engagement: How Long Should it Take?

Coloradans give their dating advice on how long you should date before getting engaged:

Grand Junction Colorado's Guaranteed Relationship Deal Breakers

There are some things we aren't willing to try and bounce back from. I asked on Facebook, "What's a relationship deal breaker for you?" Here's what you had to say:

13 States That Have Never Recognized Common Law Marriage

Common-law marriage has been around for hundreds of years, but these 13 states have never hopped on the bandwagon.

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