Coffee-drinking astronauts aboard the International Space Station will be enjoying some freshly roasted coffee from western Colorado.

Colorado Coffee In Outer Space

The Colorado coffee headed to outer space comes from First Ascent coffee roasters in Crested Butte. According to the Colorado Sun, one of the astronauts from the Space X  Dragon spacecraft bound for the ISS requested the specific instant coffee for her trip after experiencing their freeze-dried coffee on a backpacking trip.

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Making Delicious Freeze-Dried Coffee

First Ascent Coffee was started in 2014 by Mike Drucker and his wife Allison. They started experimenting and devised a way to make a delicious freeze-dried brew. They took some green coffee beans from farms in Ethiopia, routed the coffee through a freeze-drier and removed the water. Apparently, the coffee was so good they closed down their coffee shop and in 2018 began roasting beans and making freeze-dried coffee full-time.

Most Delicious Coffee On the Market?

In the coffee world, there are times when the occasion or circumstances necessitate doing coffee the instant way. The Druckers wanted to find a way to make instant coffee taste better - that was their mission. It seems they have been successful because they call it  "the most delicious instant coffee on the market today".

First Ascent Coffee Heads To International Space Station

First Ascent supplied NASA with 250 individual packets of their freeze-dried coffee roasted, produced, and packaged in Crested Butte. The Space X Dragon launched on Wednesday and will dock with the ISS Thursday afternoon. Who knows, the astronauts may celebrate with a cup of delicious Colorado coffee.

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