Opening day is inching closer and closer for a legendary Colorado restaurant. As you can imagine, they're going to need a top-notch crew to make this engine purr. Is it possible that you are precisely the person they're looking for?

Colorado's iconic Casa Bonita is expected to open in a couple of months, and right now the restaurant is hosting a career fair. They're in need of the right people to fill several important roles. Here's a look at the jobs still needing filling, the pay associated with them, and the requirements for the jobs.

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Colorado's Famous Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita at 6715 Colfax Avenue in Lakewood, Colorado, is set to reopen in May 2023. One can only begin to imagine the magnitude of the task of getting this restaurant up and running. You have to wonder if the South Park guys knew what they were getting into.

Now Hiring

If you happen to be in Denver on Tuesday, March 21, you can apply and interview between noon and 4 pm at 2500 Larimer Street.

They are hiring for every position you can imagine. What's more important is they are hiring for a number of jobs you probably never imagined.

Like any restaurant, they're hiring cooks, servers, table assistants, table attendants, and more. Unlike most restaurants, though, they're hiring entertainers, event sales consultants, and security surveillance technicians.

What Was That About Entertainment?

You probably already know they recently hired cliff divers for the restaurant. That is part of the overall Casa Bonita image, the signature cliff divers.

Well, they're hiring for other forms of entertainment, too. Casa Bonita's official webpage states:

We are searching for classically trained dancers, and modern dancers that are excited about being part of a robust theatrical cast. If you are a team player with a passion for immersive entertainment and creating magical experiences, we want you!

Who would have guessed someone trained in dance could land a steady gig without having to leave Colorado? Right on.

How To Apply For These Opportunities

As you can imagine, Casa Bonita is a prime-time gig here in Colorado. If you're interested in pursuing one of these opportunities, you'll need to put a wiggle in it and get your application, resume, or audition turned in.

For the record, we are not affiliated with Casa Bonita in any way, shape, or form. A number of my friends have worked as entertainers at Casa Bonita in the past, and all felt it to be a fun, prestigious place to perform. Given that, it's possible these opportunities could very well be worth your consideration. Check out the gallery below and see if something suits your fancy.

Live The Dream With These Awesome Jobs at Colorado's Casa Bonita

After a long wait, Colorado's legendary Casa Bonita is getting close to reopening. As you can imagine, it's going to take an amazing crew to power this engine.

Right now, March 20, 2023, Casa Bonita is hosting an online job fair. They're looking for the right people to fill a number of critical roles. Is this the kind of gig you've been looking for? They're hiring people for positions from Assistant General Manager to bussers.

The gallery below includes a number of specific job positions they are looking to fill. The gallery includes job title, pay, and a brief, as in very brief, description of the job and the responsibilities associated with it. For more detailed information, check out Casa Bonita's career page.

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