Sometimes forgetting to check some simple maintenance on your vehicle can result in a traffic ticket you did not even see coming. Do you check your brake lights before you back out of the driveway? Do you make sure your headlights work before cruising North Avenue in Grand Junction?

Going too long without checking some of the basics on your vehicle could result in costly traffic tickets that could have been avoided. Scroll on to learn about 11 of the most common traffic violations in the state that could be avoided with regular maintenance in Colorado.

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The Most Common Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes in Colorado

Mirrors, headlights, taillights, and vehicle damage are the most common ways to get a traffic citation in Colorado. What are the top maintenance mistakes that cost motorists even more money?

  • Expired Registration
  • Overly Tinted Windows
  • Overloaded Vehicle
  • Burned Out Headlights
  • Exhaust Modifications
  • Unsafe Conditions/Defective Vehicle
  • Broken Rear Brake Light
  • Broken Tail Light
  • No Side Mirror
  • No Rearview Mirror
  • Lifted Vehicle Lights

Which Mistake Costs the Most Money in Colorado?

Many of the common violations are Class A or Class B Traffic violations in Colorado. Scroll on to learn what the average cost of each one of these violations is in the photo gallery below. Believe it or not, overly tinted windows in Colorado have the potential to be the most expensive of these violations.

Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes You May Not Know About in Colorado

Colorado is a land of lifted vehicles. Did you know that putting a lift on yours can also require you to redirect your headlights? Failing to do so can blind oncoming traffic or the car in front of you.

Scroll on to see all 11 maintenance issues that could result in traffic tickets in Colorado.

Most Common Car Maintenance Mistakes That Get You a Ticket in Colorado

Take note of 11 common vehicle maintenance mistakes that could result in traffic violations, tickets, or fines in Colorado. See if any of the following items need to be checked on your vehicle before your next road trip.

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