Coloradans have been enjoying their recreational marijuana for several years now, but there still seems to be confusion when it comes to cannabis and motor vehicles.

The law is pretty straightforward when it comes to cannabis and impaired driving in Colorado. What may be surprising to some is what the law says about doing marijuana inside a vehicle.

It Is Perfectly Legal To Have Marijuana In Your Car In Colorado

The law has no problem with people having marijuana in the car. You pick up your latest supply at the dispensary - and you've got to get it home. So, of course, you can have it in your car. However, it is not legal to have open marijuana packaging in your car. You can be charged with a traffic offense if the product seal has been broken, some of the product has been consumed, and if there's evidence that it was done in the car.

Am I Okay To Do Marijuana In My Car If It's Parked?

In Colorado, laws for cannabis and alcohol are very similar when it comes to motor vehicles. You can't do it even if the car isn't moving.

What If I'm Not the One That's Driving?

The law is the same for drivers and passengers in Colorado. Nobody is allowed to open marijuana packaging and use the product in a vehicle, even if the car is parked. This applies to passengers as well as the driver.

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What About Medical Marijuana?

There are no exceptions for medical marijuana. You can't use it in the car. The law is the same. Additionally, you can be arrested for impaired driving if you test high - even if you have a medical marijuana card.

Yes, recreational marijuana is very legal in Colorado, but the places where you can consume it are still very tightly restricted and regulated. Safety remains a primary focus of law enforcement when it comes to marijuana use and motor vehicles.

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