After living in Lake Tahoe, California, Helena, Montana, and now Montrose, Colorado for nearly five years, all-season tires are a must. For small cars with front-wheel drive, studded tires were the best for me in Montana, and South Lake Tahoe. They both get way more snow.

Both types of tires have many advantages.

Are we ever really ready for the first snowfall each year? I was not when living in Helena, Mont., I still had my performance tires on and was sliding everywhere just before Halloween in 2014.

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Studded tires are great on ice and hard-packed snow. But when winter roads are dry or wet, they actually decrease traction potential. Now that I drive a small SUV, my all-season tires have been just fine. Though on those really icy days, I question both.

One more thing I will add is I wish there were more traction-control shoes. Be careful out there I've slipped on the ice and injured my tailbone. Let me know if you find any house slippers with studded heels, I might be wishful about that.

Please take it easy on the roads with the 1st big snowfall.

Snow Tires Or Studded? Which are Better for Colorado?

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