I’ve lived in Colorado longer than I lived in my home state. Growing up, I never really saw celebrities of any kind. Our parents took us to see the Harlem Globetrotters one time, and we went to see the Beach Boys in concert, but those were both events we went to. To see a celebrity walking down the street, or in a restaurant, was something I never really experienced.

In Colorado, however, you might get to experience seeing a celebrity.

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We went skiing at Powderhorn many years ago. When we were there, we saw Terry Kiser. He’s the guy that played Bernie, in Weekend at Bernie’s. I’ve read that he lived in Colorado back then, and maybe he still does. Unfortunately, none of us had a camera, so it’s almost like we really didn’t see him.

My husband used to work as a waiter at a restaurant in Aspen. Goldie Hawn made an appearance at the restaurant one time. He said she was really nice. He also said that he saw Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a bicycle in Apsen one time.

A former co-worker said he saw Jackson Browne at a store here in Montrose one time. That might have been when Jackson Browne was dating actress Daryl Hannah. Speaking of Daryl Hannah, another friend encountered the actress in Montrose, at Walmart. My friend said the Walmart worker was helping her when Daryl Hannah came around the corner wanting help finding something. The clerk continued helping my friend first and then went to help the actress.

Another friend saw and took a picture with, actor Channing Tatum at the Montrose Regional Airport. She was with a gaggle of girls who were all excited about seeing Magic Mike.

We took our girls to Snowmass to see the Zac Brown Band a few years ago. While we were waiting for them to take the stage, we saw the band in the backstage area, near the fence where we were seated. Zac Brown waved at my girls. I’m not sure if that would count, as we were there to see him (and the band), but it certainly made the kids happy.

One of my daughters heard that YouTuber Jeffree Star was in Montrose in 2021. He posted a tweet of himself sitting on a statue in downtown Montrose. I’m not super familiar with Jeffree Star, but it seems he knows a lot about makeup.

We had a waitress, not long ago, at Buffalo Wild Wings in Grand Junction. She looked a lot like Ariana Grande. We told her that, and it made her blush.

I asked my family if that “one” celebrity walked past us in town, who they would want it to be. One daughter thought the YouTuber Mr. Beast would be a good option, especially since we’ve heard that he gives money out to random people. The other daughter loves the movie “The Greatest Showman”, so her choice was Hugh Jackman. I would be ok with that choice too. My husband said Sandra Bullock, and I could see why. He also said, Eli Tomac. My husband is a super-cross fan, and Eli Tomac is from Colorado, so maybe we have better odds of seeing him someplace. I actually have two. One would be Keith Urban. He’s very talented and seems like he has fun at almost everything. My second choice would be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for the same reasons.

With many celebrities supposedly owning homes in places like Aspen or Telluride, I’d like to think someday I might happen upon one of them, but, as far as I know, it hasn’t happened yet.

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