When it was reported a couple of years ago that Colorado's iconic Casa Bonita restaurant was in danger of going out of business, many Coloradans saw a piece of their childhood almost die.

However, a couple of well-known Coloradans came to the rescue in the form of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone who have since purchased the restaurant with plans to fully renovate it.

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Naturally, when documents were released regarding exactly what Parker and Stone were doing to improve Casa Bonita, it caused quite a bit of excitement. However, after this information was released, the South Park creators took immediate action to ensure that the documents didn't fall into the wrong hands.

What Happened with the Casa Bonita Renovation Documents?

The documents that were released were a request from the Colorado Open Records Act but after they were released, it seems that too much information was made public.

While exciting things like the nature of the improvements taking place with the newly facelifted Casa Bonita were present in the documents, other information regarding the new security camera system proved to be too delicate to be made public. Because of this safety issue, Parker and Stone's attorneys have filed a civil complaint against the city of Lakewood, the suburb of Denver in which Casa Bonita is located.

It would appear that this sensitive information probably shouldn't be released to the public for safety reasons, but let's take a look at some of the other, exciting renovations that Casa Bonita is getting done.

A New and Improved Casa Bonita

The documents that were released contained information that appears to be ok to talk about and gives us a peek behind the curtain as to what the new and improved Casa Bonita will be like.

Some of the things Parker and Stone are improving upon include wheelchair-accessible ramps, a vertical lift, a new fountain, diving pool improvements, new audio and visual equipment, and improvements to the kitchen and bathroom.

It's probably best that the security information isn't released to the public but from what we can tell by the other information that was released, the new Casa Bonita will be pretty awesome thanks to Trey Parker and Matt Stone.


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