A home for sale in Basalt, Colorado has some of the most spectacular views imaginable as well as a massive art studio, totally justifying the rather steep price of $2.8 million in which it is currently listed.

Location of Colorado Home for Sale

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The home is located at 202 Castle View Dr, Basalt, CO 81621 which isn't technically within the town of Basalt, but not too terribly far either:

Google Maps
Google Maps

The home is surrounded by amazing scenery in the form of rock formations, has close access to Frying Pan River, and as you can see, it is just up Frying Pan River Road, if that's any indication:

Google Maps
Google Maps

While its location in the mountains of Basalt definitely contributes to its $2.8 million price tag, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Details about Basalt Colorado Home for Sale

You may find it surprising that a home worth $2.8 million only has two bedrooms, but that is the case with this particular home. In fact, in addition to its two bedrooms the home has two bathrooms, is 3,272 square feet in area, and sits on a 3.99-acre lot.

One of the most unique and breathtaking things about this home is the fact that it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful rock formations and countryside that many people will ever see in their lifetimes.

In addition, the home was built in 2019 for, more than likely, an artist of some sort as it features a massive art studio currently filled with amazing works.

Take a virtual tour of the home, check out its amazing surroundings, the impressive art studio, and see why it's worth a whopping $2.8 million:

$2.8 Million Colorado Home Has Views for Days + Huge Art Studio

A home for sale in Basalt, Colorado may have only two bedrooms but the surrounding views and massive art studio truly justify its $2.8 million price tag.

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