At the beginning of December, camera crews were seen shooting a new made-for-TV movie inside a quaint coffee shop called Coff33 in Castle Rock, Colorado. The upcoming movie, titled Just Jake, is a romantic comedy that's set to air next year on UpTV Faith & Family Network and Super Chanel Heart & Home.

But some may be interested to learn where it all began and how production crews ended up in Colorado to film.

The movie, Just Jake, actually started with a screenplay written by Jaimie Engle. The talented author wrote and sold the screenplay to True Brand Entertainment’s Executive Producer Brian Bird. Bird has since transformed the script into an uplifting movie. Engle then sold and wrote the novelization adaptation to Vinspire Publishing, and they will release it on August 29, 2023.


However, Engle has hustled to get where she is today. The indie author spent years submitting her stories to national contests and even nabbed some prestigious awards along the way. During this time, Engle also did a great deal of networking and reaching out to others via social media to get herself out there.

Surprisingly, the screenwriting industry is comprised of less than 30 percent of females. Engle's choice to pursue this profession was risky, but the reward would certainly be worth it should it pay off. Spoiler alert - it did!

By taking chances and following her passion, Engle's lifelong dream has come to fruition, with a feature film now in the works. For someone who has looked up to directors such as Stephen Spielberg her entire life, it doesn't get more exciting than this.

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Once in the hands of Brian Bird and  Brandon Clark, the script was altered a little bit, but Engle explained she was okay with that. The way she sees it, the writer is the original architect, but the director and filmmakers are the artizens who can take the story to a visual level.

According to IMDB, Just Jake is about an emerging country star returning to his hometown to overcome his serious writer's block. While there, he reunites with his high school sweetheart and together they rediscover love and begin to make music together. The upcoming movie features Brittany Bristow and Rob Mayes in the leading roles.

So far, Engle has just been able to watch bits and pieces from behind the scenes, that have been shared on social media. From what she's seen, the tone and colors are exactly how she envisioned them when writing the script. Furthermore, Engle said the filmmakers did a great job of casting characters to match those she created in the screenplay.

Engle plans on pitching more stories to this same production company, and currently has several other projects moving towards development for fans to watch out for.

Besides Castle Rock, scenes for Just Jake were also shot in various places around Colorado Springs.

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