One of the most notorious serial killers of all time, Ted Bundy, spent quite a bit of time in Colorado. Not only was he found guilty of murdering a woman named Caryn Campbell near Aspen, but he also spent time in the Glenwood Springs jail as well as the Aspen jail, the latter of which he also escaped.

Ted Bundy Gets Arrested for Colorado Murder

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The list of victims of Ted Bundy's horrific crimes is long, but he was originally sent to jail in Colorado for the murder of a Michigan woman named Caryn Campbell while she was vacationing in Aspen back in 1974.

Police were able to link Bundy to the crime based on receipts from gas stations and extradited him to Colorado in 1977 where he would be sent to the Glenwood Springs jail.

Ted Bundy is Interviewed in Glenwood Springs Colorado

While in the Glenwood Springs jail awaiting trial, Bundy was interviewed by a reporter named Barbara Grossman. While at first, he changed his mind about being interviewed by Grossman, the reporter informed him that she was already en route and persuaded him to continue with the interview.

During the interview, Bundy maintained his innocence and was all smiles and positivity. However, his later actions would reveal his guilt without a doubt.

Ted Bundy's Incarceration and Escape in Aspen Colorado

Bundy was transported from Glenwood Springs to Aspen shortly thereafter where he studied in the jail's library in preparation for defending himself against the charges. However, while he was studying, he hatched an escape plan that proved successful, but his freedom was short-lived.

While Bundy did escape and spent the first night in a vacant cabin, he attempted to steal a car to make his getaway and was caught in the process, landing him back in the jail he escaped from.

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