Telluride, Colorado is perhaps one of the most quintessential Colorado mountain towns in the state. It is small, yet has a famous ski mountain and is home to numerous very rich celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah Winfrey, and Tom Cruise who seek that picturesque Colorado mountain atmosphere.

Consequently, it is rather expensive to live in Telluride. Naturally, if just anyone could afford to live in the town it would quickly lose its small, exclusive, Colorado mountain town feel.

Currently, an adorable little house is for sale in Telluride for the steep price of $4.3 million and there are plenty of reasons why.

Why is this Small Telluride Colorado Home Worth Over $4 Million?

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First and foremost, the home carries such a hefty price tag because of its location. The home is located at 129 N Aspen St, Telluride, CO 81435 which is right in the heart of downtown Telluride but far enough away from most of the businesses in the downtown area to have some privacy as well.

The home is also located right down the road from the famous ski mountain, near the Telluride Station free gondola, and has amazing views of the aforementioned ski mountain as well as Ajax Peak.

In addition, the house is a well-known, historic property. Known as Josie's Folly, the home was first built in 1885 and still has its Victorian-era appearance.

Finally, the home is also so expensive because of, well, what's inside.

Details About $4.3 Million Telluride Home

The home known as Josie's Folly may look small, but looks can be deceiving. It is a total of 2,451 square feet in area, has three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and sits on a 2,919 square foot lot.

The home is currently for sale for $4,374,000 and after knowing some of the specifics, and history, and looking at the photos below, you'll see why:

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